Technical Information

The core of the system is an AllStar node running a patched version of Asterisk, specifically tailored for amateur radio use. Other uses of the AllStar system, such as Repeaters and Simplex Gateways can connect to the node by issuing DTMF commands over RF.

The primary AllStar node also provides native access to and from the EchoLink system, allowing uses to connect over RF or via the EchoLink software.

A second AllStar node is permanently connected to the core and acts as a gateway between the AllStar and DMR systems.

Analog_Bridge sits between the Analogue and DMR systems, passing the audio streams to and from the AMBE transcoder.

HB_Bridge handles the encapsulation and decapsulation of the audio stream to/from DMR frames which is itself encapsulated using the 'Homebrew Protocol' used by MMDVM.

The IRN Teamspeak client sends and receives audio via a SIP/RTP into the primary node, and VOX handles the 'PTT'.

A third node is also permanently connected to the core. Analogue audio is passed from the node over SIP/RTP audio to an Icecast MP3 Server.

Simplified Logical Diagram

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