Saturday 28 July 2018

DMR GPS to APRS possible via the EMF Hub

I've done some testing and confirmed that it's possible for a GPS enabled DMR radio to transmit its location to the EMF Hub where it will then be relayed to APRS-IS and displayed on websites such as

As there is no Open Source code for handling GPS reports from DMR Radios, I'm pushing the GPS data frames direct to Brandmeister where they handle the conversion and processing.

To get DMR GPS --> APRS working correctly, you will need a supported DMR radio, and you will need to configure your Brandmeister "SelfCare" account correctly.

The specialist routing of the GPS frames to Brandmeister is handled by a custom version of HBlink

So far this is only tested on a TYT MD-390G. I will create some documentation on configuring this radio for the EMF Hub shortly.

73 for now