Wednesday 1 August 2018

Work In Progress: MMDVM Modem to control the DMR side of the EMF Hub

Today I spent some more time on the EMF Hub hardware, getting close to finishing the enclosure for the MMDVM Modem - the controller that will drive the DMR side of the on-site EMF Hub.

This involved cutting out holes for a USB and DB15 connector as well as the 2.4" Nextion LCD. I really do hate measuring and cutting enclosures, its not something I excel at, but I think the holes turned out reasonably well.

I've mounted the connectors and display but the box doesn't actually contain the modem yet, just a USB to serial adapter so I could test the screen prior to mounting the modem - a job for tomorrow.

For whatever reason the kerning seems a little off on the display. The firmware was last updated over a year ago, so hopefully flashing it will improve things.

The important stuff - Connectors for the Host and the Radio 
The bling - a 2.4" Nextion Display