Sunday 30 September 2018

Post-EMF Update

It's been almost a month since EMF took place, and as I've almost finished unpacking I thought I'd best put up a brief update.

The EMF Hub proved to be fairly successful, with offsite Amateurs connecting from Ireland, Holland and Germany as well as the UK to chat with attendees at EMF. The majority of offsite users were using DMR to connect to the Hub, with a few connecting via Echo Link and IRN.

The hub also proved useful for on-site communications and allowed users to use both FM and DMR radios to communicate.

There were a handful of niggles. The DMR Gateway had issues receiving a Motorola hand held, and a different Motorola hand held  occasionally had issues receiving the hub. Chinese DMR radios worked flawlessly. I suspect this is because Motorola probably follow the specifications more closely. When I find the time I will do a bit more troubleshooting.